Whoops! Early Gears Fans Get Deal


Some Gears of War 2 fans with quick reflexes scored the new All Fronts DLC early and for half price.  Last week the All Fronts DLC was leaked for 800 MSP and all Epic is asking is if you where one of the lucky ones to score the DLC just don’t post pictures/videos or the like.  Microsoft has also released a statement about the mistake:

“Earlier this morning, the “Gears of War 2: All Fronts Collection” Game Add-on was briefly made available on Xbox Live for 800 Microsoft Points. The content has since been removed and will launch on Tuesday, July 28th worldwide as planned, together with the “Dark Corners” Game Add-on. Pricing will remain as originally intended (1600 and 1200 Microsoft Points for “All Fronts Collection” and “Dark Corners,” respectively). The small, lucky group of Xbox Live members who were able to download the content during the short window it was available will be able to retain the content for the price at which it was purchased as well as keep all related Achievements. There won’t be any penalties for those who purchased this content early. Think of it as a lucky treat for those with quick reflexes!”

I really thought Microsoft would have taken the content back or charged the lucky few an extra 800 MSP, but they are not they are standing behind their mistake and giving the few Live members that got the DLC a break and they are even letting them keep the achievements.  Good looking out Microsoft and to the few that got the DLC congrats to you!

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