Grand Theft Auto IV Comes Out Of The Closet This October

Rockstar Games announced today that the second batch of DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV (on the Xbox 360) will be releasing on October 29th worldwide.

The Ballad of Gay Tony introduces players to the more glitzy and glamorous side of Liberty City, where they will be faced with tough decisions on who they can and can not trust. Loyalties will be formed, and broken.

If you missed out on the previous DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV, and want to check it out as well (Lost and Damned) you can pick up Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City the same day for $39.99. If you just want The Ballad of Gay Tony, it’ll cost you 1600 Microsoft Points ($20)

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  • Jacob Hruska (snakeman555)

    so you can get them both for $40 or you can get them for $20 each genius!