South Park Lets Go Tower Defense Play

If your a hardcore South Park fan and you where hoping to take one of your favorite characters on an adventure unique to South Park in the upcoming XBLA game, well you will be sadly disappointed as by the title you can tell that the new game will be a tower defense game, but the game is said to be a lot more action orientated compared to other tower defense game.
In the new game you get to play as the four main characters of South Park that each have a unique special ability, and as you progress you will be able to unlock additional characters that have their own special ability to help you through the game.
South Park Lets Go Tower Defense Play will be released on October 7th the same day as the new season of South Park will hit Comedy Central.
I might just check this one out as I am a big fan of South Park and where else can you set hippies on fire for fun.

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