New Lost Planet 2 Screens

A handful of new screenshots from Capcom’s follow-up to the 2007 hit Lost Planet have hit the ‘net, and boy are they cool.  For those unfamiliar with the series, Lost Planet was a third-person Japanese shooter that met with fairly successful sales due to it’s unusual post-holiday release.  It could be said that the original game really broke the mold for January game titles, but then again the game wasn’t all that great- every level looked alike, the motion blur was annoying, and the story was awfully damn weird.  From the looks of it, Capcom has managed to solve at least two of these problems with the sequel: the graphics are crisp, and the environments are diverse (with no sign of the excessive snow that typified the original.)   No word yet on whether the story will make a bit of sense.  Check out the screens below.

For those at Comic-Con this year, it’s also worth noting that the game is playable on the show floor at the convention.  So go team up with three other people and start kicking some alien ass in the new co-op mode.

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