Comic Book Author to Pen Story for Iron Man 2 Game

By Jason Wadsworth


Sega has has released some details about its second Iron Man game that will be releasing next spring to coincide with the release of the film of the same name. The game will not directly parallel the movie, but will in fact include some characters – like Crimson Dynamo – that are not featured in the movie, and will have it’s own unique story which is being written by comic book author Matt Fraction. Fraction has been the author of several popular comic series and is currently working on The Invincible Iron Man comics.

“Iron Man 2 presented me with the challenge and opportunity to work with both SEGA and Marvel on creating something wholly unique- a story that exists at the cross-roads of the comic I write, the film universe which I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute to, and a wholly- immersive interactive experience like a game” says Fraction. “A game presents an entirely new challenge, where the audience/consumer/player engages with the world, with the big and small aspects of the place and characters. They’re a co-conspirator in the narrative. I hope it’s as exciting and challenging to play as it was to write.”

Hopefully this means that the Iron Man 2 video game will be more enjoyable experience than it’s predecessor. Having an experienced comic book author who is familiar with the source material can only work to make the game that much better.

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