Sneak Peak At Prices For Avatar Accessories


Microsoft will continue the assault on our wallets when the avatar marketplace goes live.  Below you will find some of the pricing for such things as a Monkey Island: SE Cotton Swab that will set you back 160 Microsoft Points or $2.  What is my avatar supposed to do with a Cotton Swab and a special edition one at that.  Here’s a sneak peak at what will be available from The Secrets of Monkey Island Store.

The Secrets of Monkey Island Store


-LeChuck Pirate Suit 240 MSP ($3)

-Treasure Hunt-ery Shirt 80 MSP ($1)


-Swordmaster Earrings 40 MSP (.50)

-Swordmaster Suit 240 MSP ($3)


-Chicken with Pulley 160 MSP ($2)

-Eyeball Necklace Carryable 160 MSP($2)

-Herman Toothrot Hat 80 MSP ($1)

-LeChuck Pirate Hat 80 MSP ($1)

-Meat Hook Pirate Eye Patch 40 MSP (.50)

-Monkey Island: SE Cotton Swab 160 MSP ($2)

-Pirate Telescope Carryable 160 MSP ($2)

-Seltzer Bottle Carryable 160 MSP ($2)

-Stan The Salesman Hat 80MSP ($1)

So what will spend your money on,  accessories to make your avatar stand out from the rest, or will it be an arcade game with it’s pricing that continues to be on an upward climb.  I for one will be staying away from accessories for my avatar that require me to pay for them, as long as Microsoft continues to keep some clothes out there for free, my avatar will continue to keep his clothes on.

  • The only thing I would be remotely interested in is a pet for my avatar.

  • Kosamus

    How much do I pay to be naked. Awww modesty