Some Other Podcast, Episode 20: The Persona Hour


While we are aware that you, our gentle listeners, may be thoroughly sick of listening to us talk about Persona by this time, we really can’t help it. It’s like a disease, or something. If it’s any comfort, we actually talk about it this much when we’re *not* podcasting, too. Fear not, though, we also find time between discussions on fusing to chat about the proper distribution of new releases, Square Enix’s stranglehold on the DS, and the impending loss of Elaine’s 360 to new Fallout content. Divorce!


Persona 3

Crimson Gem Saga


Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

360 Dashboard update scheduled for 8/11

Limited edition SFIV fightsticks for ComiCon will be $180, pads $50

Wii Motion Plus sells nearly 500k units BEFORE the release of Wii Sports Resort

Fallout 3 will not get a higher level cap…. ever

New Shin Megami game: Strange Journey (updated)

Persona 5 rumored to be coming for the PS3; we clear our calendars

DSi sells 118k in 1 week in Japan the week Dragon Quest IX comes out; up from 46k the week before

Bayonetta pushed to January 2010

Rock Band Network allows uploads of your own music

Fallout 3 DLC “Mothership Zeta” to drop August 3rd for $10

June NPDs

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