Top – 067 Mobile Minutemen

Show Summary:

The crew is back in action with a a full episode that includes all of
our regular segments and a new segment. Brace yourself for The Mobile
Minute and enjoy hearing Bryan get interrupted almost as much as we
torment Matt during his music segments.

Around the Pool Table:

– Played through X-Men Origins: Wolverine
– Loving my new TV!
– Watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince during the midnight release
– I am about to become a PC Fanboy…
– Finished Season 2 of Dexter, just stated Season 2 of Mad Men.

– Played Battlefield 1943
– Played Saints Row 2
– Watched Bruno
– Watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
– Doctor Who – Season 4
– Stargate: Atlantis – Season 5

– Played Mirrors Edge
– Beat Call of Duty: World at War Co-op
– Playing 1943 – good stuff
– Watched Happy Go Lucky,
– Watched Harry Potter – twice

– Watched a perfect game today by Mark Buehrle.
– Watched Entourage season 4 & 5.
– Watched Jury Duty with Pauly Shore
– Watched Deadliest Sea
– Playing Harbor Master and StoneLoops of Jurassica

TD Newscast (all sources are links):
– Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – The news is hidden in the title. (via Kotaku)
– Netflix, for Sony… just not for the PS3 (via 1up)
– The Halo Media Empire now has official overloards (via LA Times)
– Sony steals another one of our ideas -pay as you go games (via Joystiq)
– Wii’s Virtual Console is going to get some real competition (via Kotaku)

Mr Matt’s Album of the Week:

The Arcade Fire – Funeral

Main Topic / New Segment – Mobile Minute:

Discussion of mobile phones continuing to emerge as gaming platforms
Review of Imangi Studios’s Harbor Master

The Community:
Phone calls from Phil and Doug
Comment of the Week

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