P*N’s Store: Deal Of The Day

k2What’s up Platform Nation!  I was browsing the P*N store today and found a deal I wanted to let you all in on.

So by the picture above you can tell I found Killzone 2, so what’s the big deal you say?  Well the big deal is  this week you can pick up this PlayStation 3 game for $49.99 and don’t forget about the Free Super Savings Shipping on orders over $25 not a bad deal on this very popular PlayStation 3 title.  Let’s not forget Killzone 2 has released it’s third DLC map pack just this week, and you can get all three of those maps for $11.99.

Sounds like this could turn into a P*N Gaming Night if enough people get in on this great deal.

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  • Jacob Hruska (snakeman555)

    Great deal, I may have to finally get this game, I have been wanting to get it but just didn’t have the funds.

  • racingfreak92

    This game isnt a bargain unless its $3.99. Worst online ever