Ghostbusters Game (Finally) Hitting European Xbox 360’s In October


I know most of you Americans have played, and most likely completed the Ghostbusters game for 360. But unfortunately, once again the Europeans have been screwed, as in the UK, the game was only released on PS3 consoles.

Well, good news. Finally the Xbox 360 Version of Ghostbusters is coming to the UK. I’ve played the demo and it does look like quite a good game, so i’m definitely going to be renting this when it gets released in the UK.

Ghostbusters is coming to the UK on Xbox 360 on October the 23rd. Bust’in will make me feel good.

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  • Jake

    erm… we all knew it was coming in october from the start.

    And i suggest buying rather than renting as online adds alot of Replay value