Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: Resistance Double-Whammy


Good evening girls, boys and both! Welcome to a special edition of ‘GTNPA’ (Games That Nobody Plays Anymore), tonight we’re taking a look at two of the greatest FPS things to grace the console platform. Too bad it’s just on the PS3. I’ll get to my opinion on that in a minute but let’s focus on this edition first. Now what I’m going to do in this special edition is review and reminisce about both Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2. You’ll here my rants, get a few dossiers and possibly even have a beam of light or two about its multiplayer scene.

Now before I actually start the whole ‘okay here’s the plot’ thing I usually do, I know what you’re going to say. “Hey the awesomely, dazzlingly, handsome Nathan! Where is Resistance Retribution! Surely it must be a TRIPLE Whammy you must give us!”. That’s an interesting question, but with a simple answer. I can’t be bothered. If I were to pour three games into one single edition, the universe would explode or something, I think I’ll save Resistance Retribution for another day. That’s a portable title too so it deserves its own space. I guess…


Resistance tells the tale of a world without World War II or any of the problems after World War I, but there’s aliens involved. Just after World War I, and after a sudden comet crash on Earth, Russia isolated itself from the world and began experimenting. Eventually, Russia simply bursts out and an alien virus infects the whole of Europe. It turns people into the ‘Chimera’, a superbreed of powered up alien things, the type of Chimera depends on how long the virus takes hold. You, as some soldier called Nathan Hale, are infected by the virus but the ugly alien features are suppressed.

There’s a lot of hefty plot pointing in Resistance:FOM, maybe not as much as Resistance 2, there’s a lot of ‘You should care about this’ and ‘Yeah you just did that’. The narrations between missions do almost a ‘comical’ job of trying to stir you up, or give you a glimpse of what lies ahead. One narration ended with ‘but we could not prepare for what the mission held’, when throughout it you just shot more aliens in the face. There’s no sign of real reasons to care about Nathan Hale either, he’s 90% mute all the way through Fall of Man, and we’re led to believe that he is ‘a badass’ without any reason given. Until Resistance 2.


Gameplay wise, it holds up pretty well. There’s a ton of awesome weaponry to hold, and the controls feel tight enough to kick some (extraterrestrial) ass. There’s a lot of unique weapons in both installments that makes you wonder if Ratchet and Clank just suddenly said ‘Hey, let’s drop our stuff in the 1950s!’. But not in a bad sense. The only problem I have is the first game, in which shooting just doesn’t feel right. Some of the weapons feel okay but they feel flimsy and the aliens do take quite a lot of damage to put down. Then again they are aliens, you didn’t expect Mickey Mouse did you?

In game terms, you’re going to squeeze a lot of play time out of both Fall of Man and 2, there’s a 8 hour campaign in Fall of Man and a great multiplayer package. Although the multiplayer in Fall of Man is dead now thanks to the new installment, when it is kicking around it was a heck of a lot of fun. But this compares to nothing of what Resistance 2 thinks its game lifespan is. 420 hours. That’s to complete complete, as you can see on this lovely posting by the know-it-all-blog Kotaku – here. That’s on average, around say fifty Call of Duty 4 playthroughs?


By now I’m willing to bet you’re put of Resistance Fall of Man and are more favored into Resistance 2. I don’t blame you and I won’t lie, it’s better than the first one by miles. There was an eerie generic, dull brown and deadbeat yellow tone around Fall of Man. It looked like scrambled eggs to be honest, but Resistance 2 is bigger, better and downright worth your money. That’s not to say that Fall of Man isn’t either, they both have their high points and low points. One of them being multiplayer.

Multiplayer in Fall of Man was cool, pretty rad actually, but it was straight forward. The tone and visuals of the engine didn’t help either, and you were left wondering if there actually any other colours in the game besides dull brown, dead brown and grey. Resistance 2 on the other hands boasts a wealthy, deep class system, dynamic intense gameplay and team-building. There’s also a separate 8-hour co-op campaign within the game. Resistance Fall of Man already had offline co-op but the new option in Resistance 2 just about gave one of the best co-op experiences ever.


I haven’t told you yet about where Resistance 2 is set. America. The Chimera invade America and lead to all kinds of set pieces, and even a four-billion foot tall thing. Everything is bigger, better and greater in Resistance 2. Even Nathan Hale progresses as a character, and you genuinely want him to save the day every time. Some minor characters even become like-able, the cut-scenes are brilliantly mastered and the ‘epic’ narration from Fall of Man has been dropped. Sometimes more is… more. But let me take you back to Fall of Man one last time.

For all its flaws, Fall of Man still holds up nicely. It was the founding step that led to Resistance 2 and should still be respected, even though its servers won’t be full to the brim, it’s still a worthy purchase. Sure everything appears more melodramatic than an Bulgarian soap opera, and everything is pale, dusty or ugly… but… actually yeah it is kind of terrible. But then again, that was then and this is now. From a launch title, it gave birth to undoubtedly one of the best shooters to date. Now go out and liberate some country from alien control!