iMEvil Review

I have FINALLY gotten my hands on a working copy of iMEvil: the new soundboard from Techpad Productions.


Upon entering the soundboard you’re greeted with an evil laugh. I must say I am impressed with the layout and design of the application; it looks like an evil iPhone skin; it’s got 4 buttons at the bottom for Settings, Credits (thank you section), feedback (which opens up the mail function so you can send the guys your thoughts and opinions (which they crave), and More Apps which leads you to other app the company has made for the iPhone.

It is really straightforward. You press an icon and the accompanying sound plays with it. As I played around with all of them (32 unique phrases, sounds) I noticed that they promote the mixing of sounds; meaning while one is playing you can start another one. You could in theory play all 32 at once, but then where’s the fun in that?  However, trying to play the same sound multiple times in succession a la, DJ Scratching, is a little more difficult to accomplish. I’d stick with 2 or 3 for maximum evil blending. How does it sound? Pretty good evil. There are a couple of comical phrases in there. I tested one on a co-worker and she gave me a pretty creepy/awkward laugh about it, hopefully I won’t get a call from HR.

There isn’t much to improve upon this design; it is executed well, it’s straight to the point, and opens itself up for expansion. The only thing I would like for them to try is to find a way to use the app on a phone call with the same phone.

Should you buy this app? I think you should. Not only because of the great quotes, but because you will be sending a message. A message that states that you are willing to support good apps. with 32 phrases including:

  • “Come out come out wherever you are”
  • “Now THIS is Ironic”
  • “You insolent child”
  • and many others !!!

Techpad Productions aren’t planning to settle on this app. They are already working on updates and a contest to get their fans excited. You ready for this?

If you can come up with a clever evil line for  David Sobolov to say. If it’s chosen as the winner, not only will you receive a .mp3 file of your winning phrase, it will be included in a future update !!!

How do you enter? Why just head on over here, and enter your best phrase of evil in the comments section. If you win, feel free to let us know !!!

To find out more about updates to the app and also contests and promotions. Click HERE!

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