Mr. Matt’s Album of the Week #43

The Arcade Fire – Funeral

arcade fire funeralWhen one thinks of Canadian music it often puts a bad taste in your mouth. Often times the bands in question become way more popular then they should.  The band featured this week is definitely an exception.  They deserve way more recognition and fame then they already get.  This band is so good I think they make up for some other imports such as Nickleback and Avril Lavigne. Though, no act however good they are can make up for Celine Dion. I think we deserve an apology.
Moving on to more important things. The Arcade Fire, in 2004 they released their debut album Funeral.  Released to critical acclaim this album went on to receive a Grammy nomination for best alternative album that year.  Combing a multitude of different influences including David Bowie, punk, French chanson, and classically tinged pop music they were able to create a truly memorable pop album.  In my current listenings to the album I have heard some Modest Mouse and MGMT in their sound.  If you are a fan of alternative music this is an album that must be listened to.  Please have a gander at the videos that follow and make sure to check out the video for Wake Up featuring David Bowie.  It is some kinda awesome.


Neighborhood #2 (Laika)

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