New Halo: ODST ViDoc with Nathan Fillion

Halo 3’s new expansion pack is coming this September, and Bungie has begun releasing a steady stream of new footage to build up hype.  Today, the  first of a series of several video documentaries about the game was released to the masses, and uber-nerds around the country have found a reason to be more interested in the game: Nathan Fillion.  The former star of the cult sci-fi hit Firefly will be taking on a starring role in ODST, and from all appearances it seems that he’ll be channelling Captain Mal himself as he takes on the role of Sgt. Buck in the Halo universe.  Additionally, Firefly castmates Adam Baldwin and Alan Tudyk will be joining Fillion as other members of the ODST squad.

Check out the video below (narrated by Fillion) for some new gameplay footage and cutscene snippits.  It looks like the same old Halo we’ve seen before, but from my standpoint, that’s a good thing.

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