Avatar In 3D- If You Have The Goods

The videogame adaptation of James Cameron’s new movie Avatar will be one of the first titles to support 3D effects (similar to all of those 3D kids’ movies you’ve been hearing about lately.) However, the 3D effects will only be available to those will high-end setups. MTV Multiplayer Blog recently talked to Luc Dechaine, the senior brand manager for the game. He revealed that the 3D effect will require a 3D-ready TV running at 1080p and 120 Hz.

“So what?” you may ask. Well, my friends, 1080p is only supported through HDMI output. So, if you have an early Xbox 360 console (that somehow hasn’t died), you won’t be able to play in 3D, even if you have the right TV. Early 360s only had RCA, VGA, and Component outputs… NOT HDMI. Meanwhile, all PS3s will be able to output in 1080p, and all Wiis won’t.

On the bright side, regular 2D will still work just fine with any setup.

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