Easy Piano Brings Keyboard Peripheral To DS Lite

gam_easypiano_580a Namco Bandai press release just revealed a Jam Sessions-esque title for the DS titled — what else — Easy Piano. The game comes with the keyboard peripheral you see above, so we hope interested parties have held onto their GBA slot-equipped DS Lites. With a lesson mode, a play-along mode and even a song creaion mode, it sounds like a neat offering for piano enthusiasts. We won’t be sure until we try out that tiny, tiny keyboard, though. (via Joystiq)  and (Press Release)

I think having keyboard peripheral is really neat add-on for a DS music oriented game. With that said tho it will only work on the DS and DS Lite versions of the hand-held because it will need the GBA slot and in doing so will be leaving DSi owners left out of the loop on this game.

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