Some Other Podcast, Episode 21: Put Your Cake In My Princess

We struggled with the title to this week’s episode; it was either this or “Ten Pounds of Ball,” but given that it’s our twenty-first, we thought that the cake should in fact be prominently featured.  Sadly, we did fail to procure a Fudgie yet again, but the quest will continue!  In the meantime, listen in as we lament more delayed games, marvel over Nintendo’s sales numbers of doom, and begin creating our characters for the upcoming Twilight MMO.

Freshly picked links!

Persona 3

Crimson Gem Saga

Halo 2

King of Fighters XII

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Wii Sports Resort

DSi update 1.4 brings Facebook to the system in Japan

Red Steel 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, and Dark Void all delayed to 2010

Trine for PSN delayed again due to bug

Microsoft says Facebook and Twitter will be on the Dashboard before Christmas

Buy all Summer of Arcade XBLA titles and get 800 MS points back

Dead Space, Infamous, and WoW all getting movies

Castle Crashers coming to PS3

GTA IV “Ballad of Gay Tony” dated for October 29

Twilight MMO in development?

Nintendo releases ridiculous lifetime sales numbers for DS and Wii

Plants vs. Zombies coming to XBLA

World of Workout

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