Ubisoft Drops The Price On Turtles In Time

In a shocking move, Ubisoft announced that they are actually dropping the price on next week’s Xbox Live Arcade game, TMNT: Turtles In Time.

tmnt turtles in time

The game, which has been updated with new 3-D graphics, was originally priced at 1200 MSP ($15) as part of the Summer of Arcade. The game will now set you back a more reasonable 800 MSP ($10). Ubisoft is citing the 25th anniversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as the reason for the cut.

So, does this make the Summer of Arcade promotion more tantalizing?

Via IGN.

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  • Very simple here. Everybody said “Nah. Not for 1200” and they back-pedaled. The 25th anniversary was the reason they re-released it in the first place. Let’s not get all starry-eyed with the marketing doublespeak here people. I’ll probably get this… now.

  • This was awesome to see them drop the price because the the backlash that was being caused by us gamers that were upset about this new standard of overpriced games. I’ll now be picking this up day one when it comes to the PSN