PS3 Slim on Amazon Germany


On the Amazon German Site you can find a “Playstation 3 Konsole slim” though there is no picture and the site is not in english, it does raise the question when will we see the PS3 slim. I used the google translator and found that there were 2 used consoles for sale and no new ones. Though this looks a little sketchy if you pair it with the pictures that engadget found that may be of the PS3 slim, it does make you think that we may be seeing a PS3 slim fairly soon.

Possible pic of PS3 Slim

So… do any of you think we will be seeing a PS3 slim on the market anytime soon, and do you think any of these are real?

Translated Site

Regular Site


According to Kotaku the German Amazon page had a picture for a brief time, but it is no longer up, below is their screen capture.



The above picture was fan-made and should be disregarded.

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  • I would to see a PS3 Slim before christmas because i was gunna get one so crossing my fingers and hoping 🙂

  • Jake

    Why would you want that ugly pile of shit in your house? just buy an ordinary one :/

  • Jacob Hruska (snakeman555)

    If the pictures are real it looks like the PS3 Slim lacks all of the card reader slots.