Scott Pilgrim Getting A Video Game


Most people reading that headline wont know who Scott Pilgrim is, but a few people got appropriately excited to hear that along with a movie, a video game is being developed based on the Scott Pilgrim comic book. Scott Pilgrim, for those unlucky enough not to be familiar with it, is a comic book about a twenty something slacker who must fight his new girlfriend’s evil ex-boyfriends and fend off his own stalker ex-girlfriend while trying to have his band (The Sex Bob-Ombs) make it and get enough money so he and his gay friend/roommate don’t have to sleep in the same bed. Yeah, its pretty great. The comic is heavily influenced by pop culture, including many references to classic video games like Metriod and Mario. The only info so far is that it will most likely be a downloadable side-scrolling, beat-um up and it probably wont be out for at least a year. Scott Pilgrim fans rejoice about both a movie and game based on the hilarious comics. For those who haven’t read Scott Pilgrim, why are you still reading this? GO BUY THE COMICS!!!

via IGN


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