1 Hour In: ‘Splosion Man


I recently got ‘Splosion Man on XBLA. I bought it based on my enjoyment of The Maw, Twisted Pixel’s previous game. I am about one hour in, not enough for a full review, but here are some quick impressions. ‘Splosion Man is what Sonic used to be and should be. ‘Splosion Man can run and explode/jump, that’s it. They add in a few extra things that ‘Splosion Man can do but these are brief, although very entertaining. It is platforming at its purist. That simplicity is put into some great level design and fun gameplay elements. Combine that with a fun and quirky art style and it makes ‘Splosion Man extremely fun to play.

Blasting across levels, constantly on the edge of death is a great feeling. It looks like chaos on the screen but players are in complete control the entire time. When you die you know it was your fault and when you succeed at getting ‘Splosion Man across the level it is a great feeling. An hour in and I can’t wait to get to the rest of the game. After that I will go back and try to find all the secret areas and beat my old times. ‘Splosion Man is controlled chaos, and it feels good to be in control of it. If the rest of the game is like my first hour than it is definitely worth your 800 Microsoft points, so get online and buy it!

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  • I agree. I played some co-op this weekend and it was a blast (no pun intended). Well worth the points.

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