Braid Coming to PSN

By Jason Wadsworth


Braid, a popular puzzle/platformer from indie developer Jonathan Blow came to the Xbox LIVE Arcade last summer and was met with both excitement and industry praise. Until now, however, the game has been limited to the Xbox 360 and PC gamers.  Hothead games confirmed through IGN today that the stylish, moody, indie-game-turned-Xbox-LIVE hit will eventually be available for download on the Playstation Network.

Finally PS3 owners will be able to experience the beautifully rendered environments and the puzzling, time-bending mechanics of this peculiar platformer for themselves. If you’re looking for a distinctive experience, or just need to cleanse your gaming pallet, Braid is a must. Check it out on any platform you can if you haven’t already, and especially if you’re a PS3 owner who’s been scratching their head wondering what all the talk is about.

No word yet on exactly when Braid will be appearing on PSN.

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