Dissidia Demo Arrives on PSN


Just in case you haven’t heard, the Dissidia: Final Fantasy playable demo has recently arrived on the PSN store.  The game looks pretty awesome so far, and if you’ve enjoyed any past Final Fantasy game, the chances are good you’ll at least enjoy seeing some of the crazy fight pairings in this game.  The game boasts major characters from the Final Fantasy series, from Final Fantasy 10 all the way back to the first Final Fantasy on the NES.  Of course, they did upgrade the graphics a bit to keep the style of the game constant (even though the thought of a 2D NES rendering of Warrior of Light dueling with a full 3D PS2 version of Jecht is quite appealing).  I personally can’t wait to see Squall vs. Sephiroth, Cloud vs. Kefka, Warrior of Light vs. Jecht, and of course the ongoing battle between Chaos and Cosmos.  Go download the demo today!

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