Get A Tour Of Arkham Asylum On Friday


Comic book nerds like me have been salivating over the new Batman Arkham Asylum game coming out soon. Well, this Friday you can get a little quality time with the Dark Knight when a demo comes out for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Hopefully the demo can hold gamers over until the full game, where players will get to wade through Arkham’s many enemies in order to stop the Joker’s latest stunt. Trailers of the game have shown that Batman’s many sides will be in the game. His detective skills, ninja like agility, wide array of gadgets, and his brutal hand to hand combat will all be used in order to get Bruce Wayne out of Arkham alive. Be sure to download the demo Friday on the 360 and PS3. PC release date for the demo is still unsure. The full game comes out on all systems August 25th

via Kotaku

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