King of Fighters XII Review


Game Review: King of Fighters XII
Release:  July 28th 2009
Genre: Fighting
Developer: Ignition Entertainment/SNK
Available Platforms: XBOX 360 / PS3
Players: 1-2
MSRP: $59.99
ESRB Rating: Teen

King of Fighters has been around for a while now, and while sticking with its beautiful 2D sprites and vast array of sometimes very generic, to vividly outrageous fighters, this series has garnered itself some pretty diehard fans. So with this year being its 15th anniversary SNK and Ignition Entertainment brings us: The King of Fighters XII. Twenty Two hand drawn 2D characters from the King of Fighters history represent this next-gen console version of this beloved fighting franchise.


As a fan myself of the SNK fighting games, The King of Fighter series is a compilation of fighters from the other fighting games within SNK’s library of fighting games. So it is always great to see some of my favorites in all its high def glory. The combat is tried and true, fast and accompanied with beautiful backgrounds it is always satisfying when you pull of some pretty cool looking special moves on your vile adversaries.

The presentation is simple to navigate through and fighting locally with some friends can go on well into the evening. With the ability to set up your fights 1 Vs 1 you can put your abilities in quick matches, or you can go with the traditional KOF style 3 Vs 3, which I always find to be the most fun as it forces you to learn the fighters so when you go up against a friend it forces you to not always go to one guy or gay but to see who will fair best against you amigos crew.


While 22 fighters is a formidable amount of fighters, it may be a disappointment to diehard fans of the KOF series. With some main stay characters missing from the 44+ characters in previous versions some may wonder what happened to fan favorites. While not an ugly game at all, (It looked quite good), it just didn’t seem as sharp as recent 2D fighters that have hit the market. I would not have found this such a big deal since the game looks juicy, funky fresh, I just expected more from this flagship fighter. My family and friends had a blast fighting locally, but when everyone went to bed and I tried to fight online I found the long amount of time it took me to connect to a game disheartening, although I am sure a patch will come to remedy the situation.

The King of Fighters IIX is far from being the King of anything, and may only appeal to fans at the suggested price. I really wished better from a games that claims to celebrate its anniversary by giving fans this. If you’re a Die Hard than you already own this game, for the rest of us……….

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