Moon Review


Director: Duncan Jones
Actors: Sam Rockwell
Kevin Spacey
Dominique McElligott

Spoiler free: Moon is Science Fiction done right. There is definitely a place for epic space fights, killer robots, and crazy CGI, but Moon has none of these. Moon takes a sci-fi premise and tells a terrific story around it. When other movies would have taken the sci-fi twist of Moon and turned it into a action thriller, Moon makes it a story about real characters dealing with an unbelievable situation. I will only say what you learn in the trailer for the movie. The premise of Moon is that the energy crisis on Earth has caused people to look for energy sources in unexpected places. One company has found that the moon is full of H3, a tremendous source of energy, and developed an almost fully automated mining operation to get it. They only need one person on the moon to maintain the machines. That man is Sam Bell. He is on a three year contract to work on the moon all by himself. His only companion is GERTY, a computer who is programed to help Sam with whatever he needs. One day Sam goes out to fix a machine and finds someone has crashed one of the vehicles he uses to travel on the moon. When Sam checks inside the vehicle he finds someone who looks identical to himself. Sam brings the person back to GERTY and demands to know what is going on. To say much more would spoil what happens.


The acting is great. Sam feels like a real person who is just trying to handle a crazy situation the best way he can. Even GERTY feels full of emotion, only being able to express itself through small generic smiley faces on his screen. Something great about GERTY is how far from your expectations it acts throughout the movie. Those are really the only characters in the movie, which makes you connect with them even more.

Again, Moon is anything but your standard action sci-fi movie. You wont be on the edge of your seat waiting for the next big explosion, but you will be glued to your seat to find out what happens to these characters. Moon is not in many theater, I am lucky to have seen it as it was only at one theater near me and only at three times per day, but it is definitely a movie you should seek out. Watch the trailer below.

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