Fairytales + Horrible Violence = Fairytale Fights

Like many people, when hearing the story of Little Red Riding Hood everything thinks, “This would be a lot better with a chainsaw and extreme amounts of blood.” Well consider your wish granted with Fairytale Fights. Coming from Playlogic, Fairytale Fights lets you hack and slash your way through your favorite fables and coat the ground in gallons of adorable blood. Fairytale Fights’ website details an interesting gameplay mechanic called “Dynamic Slashing.” Slice your enemy from his stomach to the top of his head, and that is how his body will really get cut in the game. If that last sentence didn’t make you vomit then you are the target demo for this game. Gamers can play Fairytale Fights in co-op if you have a similarly sadistic friend. The release date is Q4 2009.

video via Kotaku

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