Games No One Wants To Play Anymore: Call Of Duty 4

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare is the perfect example of a game that nobody plays anymore. It was hyped beyond belief before its release and many gamers thought that it would be the second coming. The excitement that Infinity Ward was going to deliver something amazing was all over the internet, and that excitement made the lackluster reality of COD4 harder to bare. Let’s start with single player.


COD4’s single player is unsatisfying at best, and repulsive at worst. First of all, gamers never get to see what they look like in the game. WTF! I mean, I know it’s a first person shooter and that gamers are supposed to inject themselves into the game, but I would have still liked to see what I looked like. This was almost a deal breaker right away. The story line of the game is not engaging at all. It is tedious and unbelievable. A terrorist organization grows in power and becomes strong enough to threaten the USA and the rest of the world. Yeah right, that would never happen in real life, and it takes gamers out of the game’s world. Humans fighting an alien race of religious crazies using bio-engineered soldiers called SPARTANs, I can believe, but this? No way. Another thing that takes away from the game is that your character magically transfers from a member of the British special forces to the American special forces. Come on, Infinity Ward, do some research and realize that this wouldn’t happen at all. Plus, half way through the game your character dies-spoiler alert-and the game still goes on like nothing happened. Either I did not understand what happened, or Infinity Ward did not play through the game to make sure it made sense. Since I am pretty smart, I’m going to have to go with the ladder(for those stupid people out there, ladder means the second one of the two choices I just gave). So the single player stunk really bad, what about the multiplayer?


It stunk even worse! The worst thing about COD4’s multiplayer is the horrible controls. I am an expert at shooters and I couldn’t shoot anyone. The controls were unresponsive and over-responsive and just did not make any sense. Right trigger to shoot? Everyone knows it is much more natural for the start button to shoot and pushing down the left analog stick to aim/throw grenades. There is little to no customization and only 1 or 2 guns to choose from. Also there is a super move where you magically summon dogs onto the battlefield. Where did this move come from?! That would make much more sense if the game took place in WWII, but this is Modern Warfare and dogs just don’t fit. I was not surprised to find that when I went to play online, no one was there for me to play with. Of course, the fact that my wireless internet router was unplugged didn’t help that situation, but I still think COD4 is at least 60% to blame.

In summary, COD4 blows hard and everyone who has played it agrees with me. Feel free to show how much you agree with me in the comments section. I suspect that there will be no one that has anything but good things to say about this take on COD4.

*This Review is for Parody Proposes only!

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  • I was honestly slipping into a state of shock there for a little bit. Kinda thought there might have been something wrong upstairs or maybe I’d missed the better part of a year and April 1st had rolled around. Whew.

  • madnizz

    I dont know what you are getting with your articles these days, it seems lack of visitors is making you go anti success stories, just to bring critics to the site, well at least you did on my side…..i cant just resist to read this BS and let it slide. COD4 game no one likes to play? may be on PSN network 🙂 Expand your mind beyond that network, may be u’ll get the point of having a generalised platform portal. At the end i had to go check what parody means, as if that meaning changed overnight : good job nonetheless 🙂

  • Utterly pointless

    Platform Nation, please drop the “Games No One Wants To Play Anymore”-column. This latest “article” just shows that it has no purpose whatsoever other than distract us readers from real stuff on this site.

    Writing a piece of crap and then “nullifying” it by stating “*This Review is for Parody Proposes only!”?!? Come on! If you don’t have anything worth saying, keep your hands off the keyboard.

    Earlier installments in the series at least had some attempt at retroperspective of a game, although I seldom agreed with the conclusions.

    Of course interest in a game will drop after a while, when everyone interested in the first place already have played the game and newer releases come out. So it is really a no-brainer that most games won’t be played by that many after a while.

    OTOH I would much appreciate articles looking at a much hyped game a while later when the hype has settled and try to find what went wrong and why the game didn’t live up to the hype. Unfortunately, many reviews written at release ride on the wave of the hype, so a good look in the rear mirror might be interesting.

    But only as long as the articles are well written and not just time wasters…

  • Bobby ignore thees people, if they can read this line:

    “Of course, the fact that my wireless internet router was unplugged didn’t help that situation, but I still think COD4 is at least 60% to blame.”

    and not get the joke they are oblivious. The truth is they probably read the first two lines and then wrote those comments. It dosent start off to obvious but by the end i dont know how people could not understand its a joke.

    I got the same reactions when i tried similar parodies.

  • Nathan Hardisty

    Oh my god do you BASHERS ever read anything?

    “*This Review is for Parody Proposes only!”


    Oh and I lol’d

  • Everytime I see the Bus on ‘Bog’ im just gonna yell out “THAT BUS IS GONNA GET IT!” then shoot it multiple times.

  • Jacob Hruska (snakeman555)

    First the title is different “Games that nobody wants to play anymore” vs “Games that nobody Plays”

    This review does NOT reflect the Games that nobody plays series. It is as stated a parody. If you took any time to read the article before commenting you would realize the 90% of the points made against COD4 are total rubbish.

    Bobby, I loved this article!

  • Bobby Gonzalez

    My first article with negative comments. I so proud!


    HAHAHAH who the hell is this guy? Check the pic below.


    WHO uses start to shoot?

  • Utterly pointless

    Interestingly enough, those claiming that the “bashers” hadn’t read TFA and that the didn’t get the “joke” doesn’t seem to have read the comments!

    Platform Nation used to be a source for great articles, I believe quality has degraded and I now rely more and more on other sources. “Articles” like this doesn’t help. Continue like this and I can drop the P*N feed without remorse.

    I still stand for what I have said, of course, if people wants to read garbage, who am I to stop them?

    Parody seldom works well in a written medium, this has been proved more than often and if it does it takes a really skilled writer to pull it off.

  • Umm…. wow, that is the most stupid article i have ever read. You’re probably just mad that you lost or something. And the school bus thing, its not the GAME that shoots, It’s YOU!!! I’m pretty sure the controls aren’t messed up enough to start shooting some random school bus!!! THAT’S JUST STUPID!!!! YOU JUST WANT ATTENTION!!! THE GAME CAN’T BE THAT BAD, AND REALLY NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR HOW THE CONTROLS ARE “SUPPOSED TO WORK” IF YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ELSE TO THROW A GRENADE INSTEAD OF DOING WHAT YOU’RE USED TO FOR THROWING GRENADES, THEN GET OVER IT!!! YOU AREN’T THE BOSS OF THE GAME, AND BTW…. BIPOLAR MUCH??!!!

  • ZED

    @I Hate Showoffs

    Read the last line in teh article. Scroll all the way down to the end of the article and read the last line.


  • nah

    not all games have the same buttons……

    clearly you didnt play the game properly!

    SAS: soap mactavish
    USMC: sgt. jackson

    two different people! sgt. jackson dies and you dont play as USMC again only SAS..get your facts right, and those buttons anologs sticks to agaim/throw grenades thats stupid -.-

  • PhantomDot1

    dude, ur a moron, cod4 is best fps shooter out there atm!