Microsoft + PayPal =

love hate (photobucket)

Well that’s all up to you. Major Nelson just announced today that you can now buy games, movies, DLC, off of the Xbox Live Marketplace with your PayPal account.

If you are in the United States, you can now use PayPal as a method of payment for the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

You can use PayPal to buy Microsoft Points without having to associate your credit card information to your Xbox LIVE account. If you are new to PayPal, please sign up first and then follow the steps below to associate your account with Xbox LIVE.

It’s pretty easy and just like adding a credit card to your account. Sign in to and head to the account summary page. From there choose “Manage Payment Options”  (from the left navigation menu) then click “Add a new PayPal Account.” Follow the instructions and you’ll be set up in no time.

A couple of things to point out:
PayPal is currently supported for Xbox LIVE users in the U.S. only.
PayPal can only be used to purchase Microsoft Points on
PayPal accounts are not available for purchasing Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360 console.

You can associate multiple Pay Pal accounts with your Xbox LIVE account.

What do you guys think about this? Good thing? Bad thing? I applaud Microsoft for making it easier to purchase content off of the marketplace, but at the same time I curse them for making it easier to purchase content off of the marketplace.

For the Xbox Marketplace to really be like a market place though, they need to do away with the fact that you have to buy MS before you buy your content. Either get rid of that extra step or get rid of the MS points (who wants to use those anyways?).

  • Jacob Hruska (snakeman555)

    Sweet, will use…
    if only Microsoft would make HDD’s affordable.
    But, I guess Commander tim from gamehounds is going to try to hack one of the 20gig hdds and replace it with a 120, might be how I go.

  • ZED

    Hopefully this comes to Canada soon. I’ve wanted Paypal to buy points/LIVE ever since i’ve had a paypal account/360.

  • Just another easy way I will be able to pay to pimp out my avatar. Thanks Microsoft for making it so easy to spend money

  • So on the website, which I view on a PC with a full keyboard you will no longer have to type in your long ass credit card numbers and security details, but on the XBOX with your gamepad you still get to enjoy that aspect… great.
    Seriously, I want PayPal access, but I want it where it;s most useful. (Oh, and in the UK too :D)