Some Other Podcast, Episode 22: Unperfect Ninja

Their Personas and Pokemanz, they will show you them.  This week the ladies return to discuss their ever increasing addictions which apparently now include both Persona and Pokemon.  Elaine also discussing embarking on the epic journey that is the Earthbound Funktastic Gameplay 2009.  In addition the girls get uppity about ads in Wipeout HD, ponder the future of the current PS3 hardware, and contemplate posting inappropriate pictures to Facebook using a DSi!

Zombies need Liiiinnnnkkkkksss!

Persona 3 FES

Pokemon Platinum

Halo 2

World of Warcraft


Fat Princess

Flight Control


Assassin’s Creed 2 Special Edition

Left 4 Dead Content (yes for the original)

Batman Arkham Asylum Demo

Braid to PSN

Fat Princess is busted and getting a patch

Wipeout HD makes you watch ads

PS3 Slim a real thing?

PS3 manufacturing costs down 70%

Id responds to concerns about RAGE on Twitter

WET releasing on September 12

DSi 1.4 update including Facebook now available in North America

Turtles in Time Reshelled now $10 instead of $15.  Yay!

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