Digital Cowboys: Episode 117

DC 117

Some Other Castle on why video game movies suck so badly.

We’re very happy to welcome the two smart and sassy ladies who host Some Other Castle, now a proud member of Platform Nation.

We have some pretty fantastic news this week. You’ll have to listen to find out.

Elaine Stryker and Leah Haydu run what has fast become one of our favorite shows; Some Other Podcast, and we get to know them a little here, mining their experience with terrible video game movies to discuss why they always turn out to be turkeys. We get to the root cause and look at how they’ve progressed from the likes of the mid-nineties Street Fighter (bloody awful) to the recent Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li (arguably worse).

We also ask them an updated set of our eight questions and even get into some heated Room 101 debate.

The music for the end credits was (and always has been) our theme tune: Love Song, provided by Mark Tschanz. His voice is truly amazing and we strongly urge British listeners to seek out his album Blue Dog on Amazon.

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