PS3 Price Drop On Its Way?


Tons of sites have been talking about the rumored price drop of the PS3 and I can’t help but start to believe them.  Many sites have been saying that their “sources” have been telling them the price drop is coming soon, and even though I don’t have any sources of my own, I can say that the atmosphere is starting to feel like it did when the rumors of the PSP Go started piling up.  My own prediction: a price drop of the PS3 will happen by the end of this month.  I still don’t think the PS3 slim is quite on its way yet, but a price drop on the PS3, and perhaps even the PSP Go because of many complaints, may be on it’s way soon.  Keep your eyes and ears open.

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  • starcade

    A price drop is inevitable. Sony has been trying their best with bundling, and stores have been offering various deals, even Sony credit got in on the action. But they’re running out of steam. Sony has but no choice other than to offer a price drop.

    The interesting thing here, is I suspect Nintendo and Microsoft still have something up their sleeve if a PS3 price drop does happen.

  • One of the major things that has kept me from purchasing the last console I need to have all the “next gen” consoles, is the price tag. I just can’t afford the old B/C PS3 on my budget, yet. But if this price cut comes with a decent hard drive and PS2 software emulation (or flat out B/C), I will most definitely be buying.

  • Bobby Gonzalez

    If they have waited this long for the price cut, they will wait a few more months for Christmas. I say winter is when the price drop will come.

    I do not see the PSP Go price drop happening until they have taken advantage of all the people that will buy it at 250.