Tekken Comic By Penny Arcade


So who wants to see a picture of a marsupial with boxing gloves making jets explode by punching them in midair?

Well get excited because it looks like Penny Arcade will have more to do with the upcoming fighter Tekken 6 than the Cardboard Tube Samurai. Announced today was the new limited run Tekken webcomic by the Penny Arcade creators, which will shed some light on the back stories of some Tekken 6 fighters.

The comic can be found here and starts with everyone’s favorite fighting kangaroo; Roger Jr. From the first two pages, it looks like none of Penny Arcade’s humor is being lost for this project. Hopefully the comic can shine the spotlight on some of the lesser known Tekken characters.

It is always good to see interesting and fun collaborations like this happening for fans. Tekken’s team up with Penny Arcade and TapouT are great things that get more attention than any trailer could. Other game companies should take note from Namco Bandai. Tekken 6 comes out October 27th for the Xbox 360 and PS3.