New Circle of Hell Open: Gluttony

Well, it’s the 9th of a new month, and you know what that means ? A new circle of hell has opened up on EA Visceral Games site for the upcoming “Dante’s Inferno”.

As I stated last month, the core team over at EA/Visceral Games has decided that starting with the Month of June, on the 9th day of every month for the next 8 months (9 months in total) they will be opening a Circle of Hell until what seems to be the release day/month of Dante’s Inferno.

Last month was Lust, this Month is Gluttony


As I looked around the above scenery, I felt like I was inside of a stomach  or “The Bowels of Hell” I guess. There are a few click able items to be seen/read/tweeted in the area, and the shrieks of people suffering in excess (sorry !!!) are a nice touch to this site.

At the current moment, there isn’t a contest for this portion of Hell, but I’m sure in the coming days something will come up, and I’ll be here to give the news. Has anyone heard if there were any winners from the last contest ??? I think I know of one winner, but they haven’t confirmed it yet.

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