Just Cause To Be Made Into Film Because…,Well Just Cause!


With Rico getting ready to parachute into consoles again later this year, it seems this may not be the only adventure he is gearing up for!  Producer Adrian Askarieh (“Hitman,” “Kane & Lynch”) has picked up the film rights to “Just Cause” the Movie, this bit of news came earlier from Variety.


Looking to pull a budget of around $30 Million, the story will be very similar to the games revolving around a CIA Agent in a Caribbean setting, battling both drug lords, and cruel dictators. Will this movie be Desperado mashed up with Bond?  Someone get a hold of  Mr.Bandaras.

Taken from the Steve519 collection! Its his iPhone wallpaper.

  • Nathan Hardisty

    That’s weird. I only GTNPA’d Just Cause a week ago. Anyway, movies based on games ALWAYS suck. It’s just how life works.

  • Silverthorne

    Too bad Robert Rodriguez is busy filming “Machete” right now.