Spielberg + Halo = Win!

By Victor Duwon Jackson


Earlier this year reports surfaced that the much anticipated Halo movie was put on hold indefinitely. This angered and saddened many Halo fans looking forward to a big screen adaptation of the wildly popular Microsoft game title.

That was then. Halo faithful rejoice! Spartan-117 has just gotten a friend request from one of the biggest names in Hollywood: Stephen Spielberg. It would seem that the producer behind Indiana Jones, Transformers, Jaws, E.T. and Shindler’s List, has fallen for writer Stuart Beattle’s script “Halo:The Fall of Reach”.

Followers of the Halo novels will be familiar with the Eric Nyland’s tale about the planet of Reach in the Halo Universe. Beattle’s script is a take on that novel, and reports that Spielberg loves it.

There is no firm data on the signing of contracts or production start dates, but Halo fans may take solace in knowing that someone out there is thinking about us.