Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: Resistance Retribution


Back in my Resistance Double-Whammy review, I said there was a PSP game called Resistance Retribution that I would look at in the future. Now is the time to look back on this little game. Resistance Retribution isn’t actually old, launching back in March, and it still has an avid multiplayer community. So how can this be a ‘Game That Nobody Plays Anymore’? Well let me answer that question with ‘It is still played’, but I will end up forgetting to review this in the future and I doubt anyone plays the campaign anymore. That’s where the real heart is, and that is where I will begin this review.

Resistance Retribution SORT OF fills the gap between Resistance: FOM and Resistance 2. By ‘fill the gap’ I mean just wedge it shut with a baseball and butter grease. The only thing really linking it to the main series is brief mentions of Nathan Hale, some cameos from people  from the main series and also a few plot points. The story tells of James Grayson, who after the ‘Battle of Britain’, finds his brother all ‘Chimeriafied’ in one of the centers. In his rage he battles across a ruined Europe, to eradicate the Chimerian threat which still holds strong across the land. Along the way he joins forces with a resistance movement called the ‘Maquis’ and goes on a personal retribution against the Chimera.


For what it is, the story is… OK. Characters are never fleshed out and the reason behind Grayson’s actions are always ‘My bro got capped by the Chimera’. Once revenge becomes the central focus of a story, then it always loses some credibility. Locations and mission explanations are simple and sweet, and don’t offer any depth. In fact most of them can be boiled down to ‘go over there, shoot aliens’. Yes they’re aliens, don’t get fanboy with me! The ending is nicely done though, and most of the plot pieces are neatly put together. Like a jigsaw. Except with aliens.

But this 340 piece Jigsaw just so happens to have TERRIBLE controls. You might have heard that they’re neatly done or they’re tightly done, but they are awful. The auto-aim thing is alright, but aiming with the buttons (square, triangle etc.) feels like lifting four giant bags of yeast while balancing a cup of lava on your nose. You hold L to select alternate fire and R to fire it… why is that? L has no other purpose and holding along with R feels slightly awkward. When you turn corners, you have to juggle with the square button just to turn your point of view.


Multiplayer is short, sweet and to the point. You can play on ad hoc or tune it into your PS3 or Wi-Fi and take it online. It is just like the main campaign except everyone has a big can of whoopass. There are some connection issues, and the full game lobby is emptying by the day. If you want a taster of multiplayer desperately then grab a copy now. Another thing that it does right is the PS3 connectivity. You can play the whole game with a Dualshock 3 if you want, but because of the vast number of enemies, it was obvious that it was supposed to be played with the auto-aim. You can also ‘Infect’ your PSP game and add some new abilities and weapons, but only if you have Resistance 2! Go buy it you consumer!

What is Resistance Retribution? Is it a good game, a bad game? Well I take it as more of a ‘good effort’. Some mechanics work whereas some fall straight on their faces, some things are neat whereas some are untidy as much as my bedroom. The plot isn’t the best, but the shooting is sorta solid, the multiplayer is great but the controls are god awful. The good points and bad points sort of balance each other out to create some that you will enjoy. It is more of a tribute to the Resistance series than a full on game, which it was intended to be. Developers, you are doing it right.