The Behemoth’s 3rd Game, Game #3

The Behemoth has been responsible for some great games. Alien Hominid is a great 2d shooter, inspired by classics like Metal Slug, and is extremely fun and extremely hard. Castle Crashers is one of the best XBLA games of all time. Its cute characters mixed with extreme violence (and pooping animals) is a great contrast and the gameplay is simple yet never gets old, especially when you play with a friend.

Now, The Behemoth is working on a new game. The game currently has no title and is simply going by Game #3. Fans of The Behemoth’s previous games will instantly recognize the art and style of the new game. Here is a video, from their dev blog, of some of the makers of the game playing and explaining what is happening.

With The Behemoth’s track record, I have no doubt that this will be another must have game from them. According to their website’s homepage, Game #3 will be coming out next year. Lets hope that is true and we don’t have another long wait like we did for Castle Crashers. Check out The Behemoth’s Dev Blog for lots of cool info as well as this sweet new shirt that I am crossing my fingers will become available at their online store.