Lost Planet 2 Demo Coming Next Week

A co-op demo of the highly anticipated title Lost Planet 2 will be available next week on Xbox Live. Gold members will be able to get their bug killing on starting Wednesday, August 19th.

lost planet 2

According to Capcom Unity, you will be able to take on the Salamander boss with your friends in the demo.

Starting on August 19 (the first day of GamesCom in Cologne, Germany), Xbox 360 action fans will be able to download the co-op demo for Lost Planet 2 that Capcom has been showing at events such as E3, Comic-Con and GamesCom. Live Gold members will have first crack at the demo on August 19, while Silver level members will be able to take part on August 26.

Lost Planet is set to release this winter, unless it gets delayed like Capcom’s other hot property, Dark Void. No mention of a demo for the PS3 has been made yet. Sorry, guys!

  • Bobby Gonzalez (nerdygonzo)

    I totally forgot about this game. Cant wait to try the demo!