Some Other Podcast, Episode 23: Midnight Junk Pictures

What wonders does the DSi Facebook app hold?  We’re not really sure… but it’s quite possible they lead to divorce. (!)  When we’re not pondering that particular brand of mischief, we also find time to answer a veritable avalanche of listener mail, weigh the merits and dangers of World of Warcraft, and gush about the most awesome, nerdiest hobby ever.  We put off watching Mortal Kombat: The Movie this week, opting instead to discuss Second Skin, a documentary about MMO players.  No commentary track this week, but don’t worry, it will return!

Links everywhere!  They’re in my racoon wounds!

Halo 3

World of Warcraft


Persona 3

Flight Control

Turtles in Time: Reshelled

Splosion Man

Second Skin

Assassin’s Creed 2 CE priced at $80

Persona PSP releasing simultaneously on UMD and PSN

New dashboard update has ridiculously priced things

Starcraft 2 officially delayed until 2010

500,000 Wii Sports Resorts sold in US alone

Brutal Legend lawsuit settled

Best Buy testing price matching for GameStop’s used games

50 Cent to be in CoDMW2 (BBQOMG)

GRIN closing offices

Doom 2 coming to XBLA

Digital Cowboys are now part of Platform Nation!

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