Digital Cowboys: Episode 118

DC 118


This week, we welcome Xibxang and Ratso from one of the best British podcasts around; GamerDork.

GD is part of UGN the Unified Gamers Network, a relatively new coalition of podcasts similar to Platform Nation, of which we are proud members. Xib (the roguish Scottman) and Ratso (the refined Englishman) release a very entertaining show twice weekly.

This week, we ask them the updated questions, which we’ve started trimming down for time. From now on it will be five not eight. We also each bring a different topic to the ring for all of us to chew over fro around ten minutes. From gaming in the summertime drought to imagining a world without online consoles.

We’re also shouting out to The Most Popular Girls on the Internet this week; a fine geeky games, gadgets and sci-fi show hosted by Tara and Cassandra; two savvy, sassy ladies.

The music at the end of our show this week is “It’s Good to Have Jayne on Your Side” by Marian Call, from her album Got To Fly, available now on iTunes. Clearly based on everyone’s favorite knuckle-dragging, gun-toting merc.