APB Free To Play


APB the upcoming MMO that will allow up to 100 players roam the streets, is set to have no monthly subscription cost to play the game on the PC,  but the downside is that it does not look as if it will be ported to any other system at this time, Mac will not even see a version of the game.

We’re evaluating opportunities for a console port of APB but there’s nothing concrete to announce at the moment. There will not be a Linux or Mac version of the game.

APB is set to be launched in the U.S. and the U.K  Spring of 2010 and a price for the game has yet to be revealed.   In the meantime APB is accepting applications for it’s upcoming Beta.

Yes, there is a beta. You can apply here to be part of our beta testing community. We’re starting small but we’ll be adding more people to the program as time goes on. If you’re not selected at the start of the program, don’t despair, we’ll keep your details and we’ll invite much bigger numbers into our beta as we approach release.

For any other questions you may have about the upcoming game you can go check out their FAQ page.  I was hoping to see this one be ported to the 360 or the PS3, but I guess there is always the possibility as Realtime Worlds has stated there is nothing concrete at this time, but one thing is certain the new experience will be free online and that is a big plus.

  • racingfreak92

    I thought this game had been demod on 360?

    and i love the first pic, where did you find it? 2004? lol

  • Believe it or not that pic is from their media pool of pics straight from RealTime Worlds

  • Infoguy420

    APB will probably be the best MMO of 2010. However, at this time there is not even the slightest hint at a release time for console. If there is going to be one I wouldnt plan on it having anything to do with the first APB release which comes out for PC in Q1 or Q2 of 2010. So console gamers, if you want a real game, buy a PC! (Intel!)

  • fsfew

    do u have to pay every month , even if u bought the game is na store ???

  • Plysepter

    Ya I think you have too no matter what

  • see

    nope, no monthly payments.

  • mof mof

    does anybody know when this game will come out for xbox 360

    • never because no one wants to publish it on xbox 360 or ps 3 they are working on expantion packs on pc

  • aegaes

    my friend told me that you need to pay after you have played 50 hours is this true?

  • it impossible for me to donload apb

    please help!

  • All Beta keys are over…This game is rated 18+ and I bet most of the Beta applyers were those flaming kids that you encouner in almost online games