District 9

I just went and saw District 9 in theaters and I must say it was amazing. This movie is a lot deeper than most summer blockbusters, but not so deep that you won’t enjoy it. What is amazing is that this film took just $30 million to film, as apposed to the other summer blockbusters like Transformers 2 and GI Joe that cost over $100 million dollars to produce. This has absolutely no negative affect on the quality of the movie and may have actually made it better.


I was going to write a quick synopsis on the plot but wikipedia has an excellent one so I though you would be better served by this one. (I left out the major spoiler part)

The film opens with a documentary-style series of interviews that introduce the situation. Twenty years before, an alien ship is seen coming towards Earth and arrives above Johannesburg, South Africa. It hovers above the city for three months without any contact; eventually humans take the initiative and cut into the ship. They discover a large group of aliens who are malnourished and sick. The aliens are later assessed as apparently being all “workers”, with their leadership mysteriously missing. Grainy footage shows part of the ship (supposed to be a command module) falling to Earth, but nobody has been able to find it, leaving the ship inoperable.

The creatures, called “prawns” as a derogatory reference to the sea creature which they resemble, are housed in a government camp. The alien race’s true name is never learned — they are primarily referred to as “prawns” or, more rarely, “non-humans”. Overcrowding and militarization eventually turn the area into a slum known as District 9. A massive black market is set up between the aliens and a group of Nigerians primarily led by Mumbo, a paralyzed warlord. In addition to inter-species prostitution, the Nigerians exchange alien weapons for canned cat food, which has a similar effect to catnip on the aliens.

The movie takes place in 2010, 28 years after the aliens’ first arrival in 1982. Patience over the alien situation has run out and control over them has been contracted to Multi-National United (MNU), a private company that shows little regard for the aliens’ welfare. MNU is interested in using the aliens’ advanced weaponry, but its integration with alien biology makes it useless for humans.

An MNU field operative named Wikus van der Merwe (Sharlto Copley), is set with a task to move 1.8 million aliens to a newDistrict 10 camp located 240 km from Johannesburg, with help from private security forces working for MNU. While inspecting a suspicious alien residence, Wikus handles an alien device which squirts a dark liquid into his face. He becomes very sick and collects the device as evidence.

-If you want the rest of the plot click here (Major Spoilers!!!)

I thought this movie was amazing, and anyone who enjoys SiFi movies should most definatly see this movie.

  • Rosie

    I was disgusted by the movie’s portrayal of the Nigerians. It was disgusting and it reeked of bigotry. I’m not just talking about the racial bigotry featured in the film’s deciption of African paganism. I’m also talking about national bigotry. I found it interesting that whereas the movie had a few black and white South African characters that were eventually portrayed in a positive light, the Nigerians did not.

    And if Blomkamp could not portray both the positive and negative aspects of African paganism or even Western religions, then he should have refrained from including the topic into the story, altogether.

    This movie, in the end, was a real disappointment.

  • Hey Rosie have you played RE5? …Anyway if you really watched the film it was not about the Nigerians…it was about the aliens. The portrayal of Nigerians were that of a gang of drug smuggling, weapons dealing thugs. And these thugs acted the way I thought thugs acted, did I see them as Nigerians..nope you dip shit, I thought of them as thugs in a movie. If I met a Nigerian tomorrow would I think he wants to sell me cat food and eat my arm?…only if his or her name is Rosie..Get your mind right. Anyhooo…all I can say is this movie was amazing, I was ,pissed throughout the whole movie not because I didnt love it, it was because I knew what the Halo movie could have been. Shame on New Line for being Bitches, and shame on Microsoft for not giving PJ and Neil the $ to back up their own property. One of the BEST summer movies by far….go see it NOW…………………………………….Unless your name is Rosie……Rosie..who names their children Rosie wonder your mind is tortured.

  • Rosie

    I’m a dipshit? Fuck you.

  • Jacob Hruska (snakeman555)

    I would have to agree with GUI here, this movie was about aliens, not nigerians. That is like saying that when there is a bad character there must be an identical character that is good to balance the racial lines or whatever. This complaint seems a little nit-picky to me. But whatever, you can think what you want.

  • GUI J

    No..Rosie you are not a dipshit…what I was doing was kind of what you did with district 9. If I caused any ill will Im sorry, but you see how when a person slams another of a movie or music based on a knee jurk reaction can come out just plane dumb and silly. I just maybe wanted you to really think about what you said. Its a big problem how society is always feeling that they are personally being violated in some form. All it takes is 1 person to ruin things for everyone. Pretty soon all we are going to have are paintings, and video games, and music about paper plates because maybe then no one will be offended. That is until trees can speak. Maybe I went about making my point the wrong way, but I hope you can maybe understand what I mean.

  • ada

    Well being nigerian i can say i found the movie a little offensive. consider a nigerian’s point of view. It all feels so deja vu, like here they go again, the western world and their denigration of thirld world citizens. We get so much bad press.
    There are a few nigerian movies in which the portrayal of ‘western’ or ‘white’ people would probably offend you, and my argument would hold for that too.

  • ada

    And just for the record, people would never have to feel offended if the memoried of the real racists werent all too recent. In Nigerias case it was still happening thirty years ago.