Randy Couture Joins EA Sports MMA


One of the most popular MMA fighters is set to co-headline EA Sports upcoming game, EA Sports MMA.  Randy Couture will join the roster with recently announced Fedor Emelianeko to the upcoming game.  Randy Couture is a ten year veteran of the sport and has held the MMA championship five times and has a record of 16-9.  Randy stands 6’1″ and weighs in at 220 pounds (heavyweight).  Here’s what Randy had to say about the upcoming game:

“I have been a part of MMA for over 10 years and I am excited about the global visibility that a game like EA SPORTS MMA will bring to the sport,” said Randy Couture. “Like my fighting career, I look forward to taking on all comers in EA SPORTS MMA.”

EA Sport MMA is going to feature some of the most authentic, intense and broad mixed martial arts to date, and offer up a complete array of fighters and fighting styles from around the world and will be available for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.  No release date has been set as of yet.

I think I will have to say if you are a MMA fan you are going to wait patiently to see what this game will bring to us as far as a gameplay and overall playability.  I for one can’t wait to see more about this game as far as screenshots and maybe some gameplay.

  • I get to see Courture fight later this month at UFC 102, I can’t wait to see him. I’ll be 9 rows back from the octagon!

  • ZED

    I saw in an article that had Dana White in it that he would fire anyone in the UFC who agreed to put their likeness into the game. Wonder if he will live up to that?

  • Bobby Gonzalez (nerdygonzo)

    I read that Couture has the rights to his name and likeness, and that he has fought to keep it. Plus he has a contract foe 2 more fights with the UFC I believe.

    It will be hard for Dana to fire Couture because in light of that, plus he is a very popular fighter. I think Dana is pissed, but not enough to kick a money maker out of the UFC.