World of Workout: Week Two and Guilds and Photos

bikeWeek two brought me a little closer to my goal, and resulted in a minor injury!  Hooray!  Clearly, I’m following the old mantra of “No Pain, No Gain” to the letter.  Hardcore statistical analysis tools (Microsoft Excel & Google Docs) have shown that by averaging my weekly weights, I’m losing about one pound per week.  I’m also becoming pretty addicted to WoW, but since WoW means cardio, it’s not entirely bad.

About seven years ago, I tore my left LCL.  It’s a pretty minor injury, and most doctors don’t even treat it with anything stronger than ibuprofen.  After an MRI to confirm, I stayed off my left leg for about a month, and lost a hell of a lot of my momentum for my work out program at the time.  During that month, I gained something like forty pounds, since in addition to suddenly stopping all exercise, I lost most of my youthful metabolism at the age of twenty-one.  The fact that I had free, unlimited access to ice cream had nothing to do with it.

Well, I found out that using an exercise bike for 1-2 hours a day for 19 straight days, combined with lots of extra walking is enough to irritate old injuries.  I had to take two days off this week, and cut back to only an hour of biking per day, but I’m pretty sure I can keep going at this point.  Even with the days off and slowed pace, I’m still well on track of my goal of losing thirty pounds in six months, and hitting level 80.

My diet is changing slightly in the fact that my appetite has basically dropped off considerably.  I’m not doing as much snacking as I used to, and haven’t been going back for seconds.  I have a lot more energy all the time, which has allowed me to go from three cups of coffee per day to two cups of tea.  The caffeine reduction is probably giving me as much as a benefit as the exercise up front, but it wouldn’t be possible without the exercise, so it’s like a downward spiral of awesome.

Onto the game!  I’m currently level 25, have a horse, a cockroach and am guild master of the “Sweaty Nerds.”  I was joined in Azeroth this week by some fellow gamers interested both in sharing my addiction and self-improvement.  I also died twenty-three times.  I’m currently torn between exploring the world and doing lots of low-level quests so that I can get different mounts.

Anyone interested in joining me is welcome to do so.  I’m playing pretty much every day, and would love some more people in the guild.

Below is my wrap up of week two.  I really didn’t realize just how much I overdid it last week until looking at these numbers.  I can see the exact moment where I went crazy on the overdoing it.  Next week will bring pretty charts and some before and after photos.

Day One – 8/10/2009

Weigh in – 213.8 lbs. | 30 Pushups | 75 Min Biking | 7312 Steps | Character Level : 17

Did four quests.  Hoping to finish up Ghostlands this week.  I could really use a change of scenery.  Hoping for some more players.  Just noticed something.  The WoW notes are the FIRST thing I think of when I’m doing these stream of consciousness notes now, not the exercise.  It really has gotten pretty easy, except for the pushups.

Day Two – 8/11/2009

Weigh in – 213.6 lbs. | 25 Pushups | 60 Min Biking | 10800 Steps | Character Level : 18

JUST barely hit 60 minutes today at one go.  Sort of feel like I may be coming down with something.  I really hope not, as that would totally kill my momentum.  Noticed that I made some really big stretchmarks on my arms and lats last night.  Chicks dig scars, right?  I may cut down on the pushups a little more.  I don’t want to be horribly disfigured.  Hit level 18, visited Undercity, got lost in it.  Went back and looked at some photos of me before and now.  Huge change.  Made Flickr account.

Day Three – 8/12/2009

Weigh in – 213.8 lbs. | 20 Pushups | 150 Min Biking | 6632 Steps | Character Level : 19

Yes, that’s 150 minutes.  IE 2.5 hours.  I was a MACHINE tonight.  I also started fishing in-game which lets me do less all at once and focus just on biking and hitting the bobber.  The wife is starting to bike with me, and will make her own character to play with me next week.  I feel really good coming off of a marathon biking session now, and I can definitely tell that my body is changing gears from muscle creation to fat burning.

Day Four – 8/13/2009

Weigh in – 213.0 lbs. | 35 Pushups | 120 Min Biking | 7788 Steps | Character Level : 20

Got a horse!  Getting around is a lot easier now.  Starting to get into higher-level stuff and enjoying the game more.  Worked out average weight loss so for to be 3/4 lb per week.  I may take tomorrow off from biking.  My knee is hurting a lot, but I feel good.  Was in a good mood all day.

Day Five – 8/14/2009

Weigh in – 211.6 lbs. | 15 Pushups | 65 Min Biking | 9816 Steps | Character Level : 21

Did a light day today.  Having trouble soloing again.  Left Ghostlands and started exploring other places.

Day Six – 8/15/2009

Weigh in – 212.6 lbs. | 0 Pushups | 0 Min Biking | N/A Steps | Character Level : 23

My LCL bothered me most of the night.  I’m going to take two days off to RICE my knee.  I probably should have taken a break sooner.

Day Seven – 8/16/2009

Weigh in – 211.8 lbs. | 0 Pushups | 0 Min Biking | N/A Steps | Character Level : 24

Took today off as well.  Played a little WoW with some friends with ice and compression on the knee.  Should be good to go tomorrow.


This is one week before I started the World of Workout program

This is one week before I started the World of Workout program

This is Week 2, Day 2.  I'm down four pounds in this shot.

This is Week 2, Day 2. I’m down four pounds in this shot.

Week 3, Day 2 - I'm down 6.5 pounds in this shot.  I'm going to start wearing the same shirt each week.

Week 3, Day 2 – I’m down 6.5 pounds in this shot. I’m going to start wearing the same shirt each week.

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