This is a collaboration between twelve separate podcasts and websites comprising multiple interviews produced by Tony Atkins and Alex Shaw and arranged and edited by Alex Shaw of The Digital Cowboys.

Its not only a festival of independent video game podcasts, but also a very personal one. Everybody on this production has been asked the same thing; Why do you do what you do? Independent podcasting pays no money so there has to be a very specific reason why each of us gets up there every week and puts out a show. Some of the answers may surprise you, and all of them are fascinating and entertaining.

We’d like to thank everybody who took part in this project. This material belongs to all of you.


Shawn Andrich, Julain “Rabbit” Murdoch, Sean Sands and Rob Borges of Gamers with Jobs

Edie Sellers and Tim Wilsie of Gamehounds and The Widget

Neil Brooks and Leon Cox of Gamerdork

Chris and Kelly Brown – The Married Gamers

Sinan Kubba and Joe DeLia of Big Red Potion

Daniel Floyd of Talking About These

Steve Artlip of Platform Nation

Chris O’ Regan and Patrick McTie of Superhappyfuntimeshow

Elaine Stryker and Leah Haydu from Some Other Castle

Tony Atkins and Alex Shaw of The Digital Cowboys

And Bobby Blackwolf from Allgames Radio


Music provided by Mark Tschanz and Marian Call.

This is Episode #119 of The Digital Cowboys, but it is also available for uploading to every website and podcast involved. It has taken several months to put together and as complicated and exhausting a process as it was, we’d like to do more like this in the future. Contact us at if you would like your show or website to be involved.

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  • Look, it’s me! I can’t wait to listen to this to see how it turned out

  • What an awesome show, I know a lot of work went into this undertaking, but I can’t wait for a next one! Excellent work on everyone’s part!