PS3 Slim Thoughts


With the recent announcement of the PS3 Slim, there has been much speculation as to whether or not this will “save” Sony in the current console generation.  I’d like to offer some of my thoughts on that very opinionated subject.

It’s a widely known fact that PS3 sales are lower than 360 and Wii sales, but with the new PS3 Slim and recent price cuts announced by Sony, it looks like they will be increasing sales dramatically.  Although they will probably not be able to catch up entirely that doesn’t make this generation a failure.  By coming out with a slimmer and cheaper model, Sony is proving that they are willing to do as much as possible to research cheaper ways to manufacture and produce their systems and I think that that will help them out in future generations.  I think that Sony has a good chance to regain the top spot in sales next generation if they continue to pursue cheaper and more effective ways to produce their systems.  The PS3 Slim will now take the place of the original PS3 and become THE PS3 to own this generation.

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  • I agree. One thing that I think helped Sony is that the PS3 is a good, solid system right out of the gate. Meanwhile, Microsoft has had to deal with RROD’s and constantly changing the internals to make ths 360 more reliable. Imagine if they had used all that money to make the 360 slimmer?

  • TheChef

    On some markets there will be almost none price drop. For example here in Sweden the price drop is barely one tenth of what Sony advertised. This is not the fault of Sony but the company that has monopoly on importing the PS3-lineup. So sadly, here in Sweden the PS3 will still be behind the other consoles.

    I wish Sony would wake up and drop this “partner” that just makes them look bad and just pockets money from them.