Some Other Podcast, Episode 24: Pants Deficiency

For the record, I did keep my pants on for the entire episode…. no matter how tempting it may have been.  This week, our very own Sam and Jenn, of World of Workout and Geek Culture fame respectively, join us for an hour of fun ramblings!  Tune in as we chat about Sony’s dumbness (yeah, it’s a running theme), happy place games, and pouring one out for our Chromehounds homies.  You should probably also be prepared for a *liiiiiiitle* bit of WoW talk…

Links get!


World of Warcraft

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Street Fighter IV

Shadow Complex

Fat Princess

Halo 3

Pokemon Platinum

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Final Fantasy XIII (demo)

Trials HD


July NPDs

Slim PS3 confirmed, and soon!

Fable 3 announced for 2010

Interplay classics coming to Steam

360 Elite console now shipping with new packaging and without HD cables

Persona 3 PSP coming to Japan November 1

Little Big Planet GOTY edition dated Sept 8

Brutal Legend demo coming in September

Loco Roco Carnival coming to Japan, will be download only

Little Big Planet PSP has no multiplayer

Gran Turismo 5 finally incorporates car damage

Chromehounds servers shutting down

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