Brave A Warriors Tale Review

Game: Brave a Warriors Tale (360)

Genre: Platformer

Developer: South Peak Interactive

Platforms: PSP, 360, Wii

Players: 1

MSRP: $29.99

ESRB Rating: E (10+)



These are the cut scene graphics

Brave a Warrior’s Tale is a platformer in the vain of Spyro and Ratchet & Clank. It is about a Native American named Brave who has a series of flashbacks which you play through. You can get Brave a Warrior’s Tale for $29.99 on the PSP, 360, and Wii.

In Brave a Warrior’s Tale you play as Brave when he was learning to be a warrior. You fight creatures ranging from crows, to giant bears, and you even get to catch a few fish. You earn abilities in Brave a Warrior’s Tale by obtaining totems from animals you kill. Because it is a platformer you will also do a lot of jumping and a little bit of puzzle solving.


Brave a warrior’s tale does have a few things going for it. First is the Native American setting which sets it apart from other platformers of it’s nature. Brave a Warrior’s Tale does have an art style that would be attractive to most children, though I’m sure kids who meet the 10+ ratting would much more likely be playing a teen, or mature game. The last really good thing is that Brave a Warrior’s Tale is that it doesn’t have many gameplay problems.


Some improvements could defiantly be made to Brave a Warrior’s Tale. The most noticeable issue are the graphics which look like they were made for the Wii, and ported to the other systems. Now there was one major gameplay problem and that was the camera, which I had to immediately invert because I kept looking in the wrong direction, but worst was that it would lock in weird places leaving you blind in places that you shouldn’t be. And my biggest gripe was the lack of a story which left me not caring why I had to do any of the strange tasks assigned to me throughout the game.


Bottom Line, if you are interested in playing a platformer, I would suggest you skip this one and move on to something like Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, or even Kameo (360).

*In the spirit of full disclosure I did not finish the game but I feel that I played enough to develop accurate opinions of this game

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