Batman Returns Film Review

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After the shock and awe of Batman, Warner Bros. looked to a sequel, Burton was hired, Keaton stayed on and before you knew it, the film was out. Well I wasn’t born then, so I don’t know, but maybe you know… or don’t you know? Maybe I know you don’t know that you know. Batman Returns reunited some of the main cast, but obviously Jack Nicholson was gone, in his place was Danny DeVito and Michelle Pfeiffier, but would this new, even darker, edgier take on Batman be a hit? Be a good film? Make it rain penguins? Well… in my opinion. No.

The film opens with a backstory, which is a nice touch, but it’s a horrible tale. In fact, let’s go through ‘THE PLOT’ first. The Penguin, a deformed man since he was born, has been living in the sewers all his life. Until, one day, he strikes upon Gotham City and manages to win the hearts of the citizens. Who now ignore his deformities. The Penguin is supposedly ‘trying to find his parents’, but while all this is going on, some big business guy is planning to build a power station in Gotham that takes away power. WHILE all this is going on, The business guy’s secretary gets killed by the business guy and gets revived by cats. Thus becoming Catwoman (meow).

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Keaton keeps up the consistency of his performance, but I can’t help but somehow feel… that he’s slightly worse. He seems more complacent, and less of a man of action. But maybe that’s the script and not the actor. Danny DeVito is a powerhouse, although a little bit over-acted. I can’t help but look at his performance and look at what’s going through his mind, but not in that good way in which you analyze characters. Michelle… Pf…pfeiier? Oh whatever, she’s ok. Just OK. A nice, well rounded performance. OK. Oh and Christopher Walken as ‘business guy’, he’s alright too. He’s Christopher Walken so it’s what you expect.

To sum it up? Over the top. They would be my words of choice to sum up this movie. It is so dark, even darker than the first, and it is also disgusting. Batman Returns might as well be a horror film because I was genuinely sick at the end of this movie. The Penguin is too morbid of a character, even for a Burton movie, he’s portrayed as a social outcast YET we get to see more of him than Batman. In fact, why not just call this film ‘Penguin Returns’. That’s really what is happening in the film’s plot anyway… ughhh. If you’re a die hard Batman fan, then watch this movie, if you’re a sick, twisted, fiend. Watch this movie.

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  • eventhough Danny De Vito is short, he is also one of the best known actors in Hollywood .*’

  • i realy enjoyed this movie, and its a batman film, if it isnt over the top in some way i would be upset. thats the fun of these movies, they are so out there and yet they are very real emotionally that keeps them grounded. i guess its just me but i hated the new batmans with christian bale. they just sucked. Returns may have been darker but it was also a great film as twisted as it is. but thena again, the batman comics and world is very twisted as well, so its being true to the source material. and pfieffer as catwoman…..amazing. how the hell did you not give her better review? she was sexy, and also tormented person. great performance.